The Art of Writing

Hello lovely people…

I was recently given the honor of contributing a guest post for Beth Bruno’s blog series titled Beauty out of Chaos. I first came to know Beth through her husband Chris Bruno, a dear friend, colleague and fellow graduate from The Seattle School. In the years that have followed our initial introduction I have grown to admire the many ways in which Beth leans into her calling as writer, creative and activists. Check out her blog and I promise you’re day will be enriched as a result.

I never really thought of myself as a writer, let alone an artist. Perhaps it’s because when I was young, my writing was most familiar with the genre of survival. In the midst of the heartache of a broken home furnished primarily with the chaos of shame and abuse, I often retreated to the safety and sacredness of journaling. I had discovered a way to get the heaviness of those formative experiences onto those precious pages and pages, easing the burden of all I was being asked to carry through life.

You can continue reading the rest of my guest post on Beth’s blog.



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