Sunday Specials

*Sunday Specials are a weekly round-up of what has been trending around the web. So enjoy your coffee while checking out what’s caught our attention. 

A Thought Provoking Special

The Ban Bossy campaign by Sheryl Sandberg has been generating a huge buzz around the internet-osphere. I actually appreciate the controversial energy around the subject because it has inspired people to engage the question, “Do we as a society maintain a gender-bias that fuels the misattribution of a term to shame girls and women into silence?” And if so, what do we do about it? Although there is no indication of the research behind this campaign’s assertion that shaming girls for being assertive and exemplifying strong leadership potential can lead to self-doubt and diminished self-esteem, I personally intuitively lean towards agreeing. In part, this is likely because I too was called “bossy” as a young girl and still cringe when I think about how that made me feel. I also understand that there are times when behavior is justifiably characterized as bossy, but when a term becomes a catch-all for ANY form of assertive behavior and leans heavily towards one gender, then we need to reconsider its use. Literally banning the word is not the point. But questioning its use seems immensely valuable.

Here are a couple of different perspectives on the campaign:
Kristen Howerton – Rage Against the Minivan
Julie Ross Godar – BlogHer

 A Ridiculously Funny Special

Jon Stewart at The Daily Show inspired MANY people to join him in some #McConnelling fun. I dare you to search twitter and pick your favorites.

A Wake-Up Call Special

Rachel Held Evans has a wake-up call for all who call themselves followers of Christ…please read her post before you leave the internet this morning.

My evangelical brothers and sisters, we have an abuse problem and we need to talk about it. Talking about it does far less damage to Christ’s reputation in the world than covering it up. Now obviously, abuse is a result of sin and no denomination or community is immune to sin’s effects, but we do see a trend in which most of the organizations facing scrutiny over abuse and sexual misconduct charges of late are characterized by authoritarian, patriarchal leadership and by cultures that routinely silence the voices of women. So the point I want to make today is not that all who subscribe to patriarchy are abusive, but that patriarchy in a religious environment, just as in any environment, has a negative effect on the whole community and creates a cultural climate more susceptible to abuse than one characterized by mutuality and shared leadership between men and women. ~Rachel Held Evans

 A Celebratory Special

Phyllis Tickle turned 80 this week. If you don’t yet know who she is, now is a great day to meet her. I think she’s kind of awesome.

Phyllis Tickle


What caught your attention this week?

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