Sunday Specials: Toddlerhood, Perfectionism, Theology & Trauma, and more on Israel & Gaza

*Sunday Specials are a weekly round-up of happenings on the web-o-sphere. So enjoy your coffee (or late night beverage) while checking out what’s caught our attention. 

Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not a Toddler by Charlie at How To Be A Dad

How Women Can Stop Judging Each Other by Ann Voskamp

Shame is a bleach that can seep up the hem of you, peroxide away your brave face, the place in you that holds the courage to change. My dad was a perfectionist and I was never good enough and my grandad once hauled a ladder to my bedroom window to see if the bed behind my locked door was made tight enough to bounce a well-aimed quarter off. It’s taken me more life than I care to admit and even more self-castigating to agree with the pain of the diagnosis: Perfectionism is slow death by self. Perfectionism will kill your skill, your spark, your art, your soul. 

 Theology, Trauma and the Space Between by Rachael Clinton

It seems these days there is a commonly held misconception that every person starts with the same basic capacity for imagination—that if we learn the right doctrine and learn to interpret scripture rightly, then we’ll all end up at the same right conclusions. But in truth, our capacity for imagination is as varied and particular as the ways we experience sin, and therefore experience grace. Our imaginations are impacted by our embodied and storied experience of the world—by our bodies, families, culture, etc.—and even more so, by the traumas we experience as a part of being human.

Israel, Gaza, Sanity, and Insanity Part 2 AND Part 3 by Brian McLaren

(T)hose of us outside the region should defect from the predictable, conventional logic and rhetoric that sustain the status quo of violence, hostility, and death and seek another approach … a higher logic of shalom/salaam/peace and justice, which a Palestinian Jewish teacher named Jesus called ‘the reign of God.’ Seek it first, he said, and everything else will fall into place.

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