Sunday Specials: Let Freedom Ring

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I love the 4th of July. I love that we celebrate the holiday with relaxation, community, food and fireworks. But more importantly, I love that as a diverse collection of people we celebrate the beauty of freedom. Ideologically and theologically, I lean toward pacifism so some might think it strange that I can appreciate a holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence – which was ultimately the conclusion of the American Revolution (a war with an estimated death toll of 25,000 people). Let me reiterate – I love that as a diverse collection of people we celebrate the beauty of freedom. We may have different ideas around how to achieve freedom politically, spiritually, or otherwise, but nonetheless, it is (at the very least) claimed to be a widely held value in our country. Freedom is a big old messy category. One that I can’t unpack in this tiny little post, but it’s on my mind this week. Here are a couple of posts that have generated further thoughts.

The Path of Freedom from Addiction

A colleague and husband of a friend, Jay Stringer, continues his  this week in his post Part 2: Buying (and watching) Sex: It’s Not About Sex.

Buying or viewing sex is rarely, if ever about sex; it is about power and control. When life is difficult, when it does not work the way we want it to, when our accomplishments gradually fade or are exceeded by those more gifted, we will almost always experience a dimension of the curse that is described in Genesis 3. Pornography and purchasing sex in hotel rooms, massage parlors, and vehicles offers the seduction of an experience that is unlike anything that can be experienced on this earth– to dictate what one desires without any immediate fear of failure or relational futility. A committed relationship does not provide a context for such control. This is evil’s seduction to men; give me your defeated and angry heart and I will give you a kingdom where it will all go away.


Fighting for the Freedom of Others

I continue to be challenged by the writings of some of my favorite bloggers who recently went on trip with an organization called Exodus Road where they explored the issues of Sex Trafficking in SE Asia. I am in the midst of sorting out how I can enter into this issue in a more concrete way, but for now, I continue to  learn more and more.

It’s why I send my husband out into brothels to look for children. It’s why we work long hours to raise funding for equipment that trusted police partners have asked for. It’s why we advocate and travel and write and have meetings, and quite frankly, bleed-out. Because a girl or boy in a brothel, and even millions of them, are begging for freedom, are desperate for it. And it’s not a half-hearted effort that will provide it for them. – Laura Parker (read more from But What About Trafficking in the United States)


I’d love to hear what caught your attention this week!

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