Here We Go

I am not one of those people that watches the same movie over and over again, but strangely enough I have watched We Bought a Zoo about six or so times since it was released in 2011. Don’t worry – there is no need for a spoiler alert. I won’t even give you a summary of the movie because that isn’t even the point of this post. What I will tell you, however, is that there are a couple of scenes in the film where Matt Damon’s character reflects on how an individual typically only needs 20 seconds of insane courage to do something outrageous. For whatever reason, I am mustering up the 20 seconds of insane courage necessary today to begin to type the first words for this blog.

Why the need for insane courage? Because to hope can be terrifying. To unleash desire can be overwhelmingly vulnerable. To enter into our own story or to engage the stories of others is risky business. In my experience, taking the first steps (or typing the first words) are the most difficult, but once we begin to move forward momentum can carry us into a new chapter. So here I am. Here we are. Three therapists are walking into a new blog.

Feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear about when you’ve had to muster 20 seconds of insane courage.

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  1. LaRue

    Interestingly enough that clip was referred to in the sermon on Sunday. I thought about the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz and how his life might have been different if early on someone had told him that…well done.

    1. Shauna Gauthier
      Shauna Gauthier

      Thanks for sharing LaRue!

  2. Natalie

    Dude, so true! The wisdom of matt damon.
    One of my roommates in college was a super close friend, but once every few weeks she’d pick something tiny to get angry about and spend the next week and a half not speaking/looking/acknowledging me (or whoever it was). It took me almost the whole year but when I finally got the nerve to say something to her, it was super easy once I started. The beginning was the hardest ever, after that was cake.

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