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I like to laugh.  In fact, it’s probably one of my favorite things to do.  A few weeks ago, I was walking down the street talking on my cell phone to a friend using the mic from my white headphones.  When she said something funny, I stopped right in the middle of the sidewalk, threw my head back and then doubled over laughing hysterically.  People on the other side of the street must have wondered what was so funny about my music, because clearly they didn’t see me talking to anyone in person.  I looked like a lunatic.  And yet, I would do that again and again and again, if I could.  Because what was being said was funny, but my imagination of the people of the other side of the street watching someone apparently laugh to themselves by themselves makes that scenario all the more amusing.  Truth always be told, my closest friends are those with whom I have shared the belly-aching-fall-on-the-floor-cry-until-your-head-hurts kind of laughing moments.  Indeed, the highlight of most of my days are the ridiculously witty texts my best friend, my husband, sends me that literally make me LOL.

So, if a picture is worth a thousand words, than a .gif (pronounced with a soft “g” like “gin”) is worth at least a million laughs.  While not a new phenomenon, the .gif seems to be gaining popularity because it’s bite-size animation is easy to download and watch without sacrificing visual quality.  Videos are often too large to share easily and sometimes too long to invest watching.  But the .gif offers the simplicity of an image with the animation of a video.

Recently I was populating our “Laughter” Pinterest board, (and admittedly, it was at least a couple of hours well spent) when I came across a plethora of hilarious .gifs.  I know Pinterest gets a bad rap for being a waste of time luring us to longing for goals we will never achieve, crafts we will never make, or parties we will never throw.d661a70729726ea112306c059e480551  I too have had my husband wonder when I was going to stop pinning and start getting ready for bed when it was past midnight.  I have also pinned many images that are more covetous than creative.  But for someone who has ripped out images and liberally dog-eared pages of magazines since adolescence, I find Pinterest to be a more efficient, inspiring, and environmentally friendly alternative to collecting a library of magazines I keep but never look at twice.


But this post is really about peanut butter, not Pinterest.

Just kidding.  This post is simply a tribute to the funniest of all pins – the .gif.  I have been in class before and showed a mate something funny from my Laughter board and not been able to contain my giggles.  And if there is something glorious and wonderfully pleasurable about seeing something funny – that gets funnier each time one looks at it – then sharing that same funny something with another person must be next to the experience of holiness.  I’ve always thought inside jokes were the best – and Pinterest is like inviting the world to share in a secret joke.  Today, join me in this particular inside joke.  Quite possibly the best peanut butter, er, I mean, pin ever.  Or at least the best. gif.



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