Krista Law

Krista Law, MA

Krista Law lived in the same zip code for nearly 31 years and didn’t think her own life had or was a great story. However, after a painful and traumatic labor and delivery of her firstborn, she wrestled with postpartum depression for nearly a year. That was when her story demanded a framework for understanding what had happened and how to choose a different course. In her quest to understand that chapter of her narrative, she sought meaning and purpose and began therapy. That choice was to go down a long road that led to even more searching as she moved her family 1,300 miles from Denver, Colorado to Seattle, Washington to study theology and psychology at The Seattle School. After enduring four more years of wrestling, her story now includes two master’s degrees, one in Counseling Psychology, the other in Christian Studies. Krista can now say she knows a thing or two about her own wonderful narrative that includes lessons learned from depression, a cross-country move, leaving everything familiar behind, her extensive education, 14 years of marriage to her husband, Karl and from being a mother to Lucy, age 10 and Peter, age 8. She is now in an exciting chapter of her life where she gets to learn more lessons from her clients as a private practice therapist in Seattle, Washington.