3 Therapists Chat it Up!

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Friendlies! We are finally ready to release our first ever 3 Therapists Chat it Up Video Blog! It’s a little lengthy (a whole 28 minutes)…but we invite you to join us for an evening discussion about our blog name, the books we’re currently enjoying and our thoughts on community. Please excuse our technical glitches and our silliness (clearly we amuse ourselves and one another). Let us know what you think and what you’d like us to discuss in our next video chat.

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  1. Lindsey

    Loved this! It was just like when I would normally be with all of you and I don’t talk much and just listen and laugh because of the entertainment, and then Shauna and I would laugh at the same time with the same laugh, and then laugh again at each other. ANYWAY, I can’t wait to watch these each month. Maybe next time it would be neat to have your readers chat live with you and submit their question that way. You know, like Oprah does on her Lifeclass show. Love you three!

    PS – Krista, I so miss hearing your laugh!

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